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Absorbent Pads

The absorbent pad is a laminated cellulose fabric. It is a product able to trap the moisture that is released from the food product, preventing a bacterial process from developing and able to improve the food quality.

Cellulose Casings

Cellulose casing is a coating for sausages made from regenerated cellulose.

Collagen Casings

Collagen is a protein, which occupies the largest portion of the fibre of the connective tissues of vertebrates.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging Film MAP

The film for trays is a multilayer material with high barrier to gases and steam.

Monolayer Casings

Casings of a single layer of Polyamide for smoked products. There are two varieties of Monolayer or Monolayer Polyamide: Oriented and Non-Oriented.

Plastic Casings – Zero Waste

The plastic is used in any type of sausage packaging, specially, for non-smoked products where high performance is expected, since smoke and water do not pass through the casing.

Plastic Pallets

The plastic pallets are made on molds with injection of resins of great durability with the highest quality standards.

Pouches (3 Seals)

Three Seal Pouch is a flexible package composed of several layers to provide different barriers to gases and steam.

Retort Pouch

Retort Pouch is a flexible packaging created for sterilization processes that have a structure of several laminated layers.

Shrink Bags

Shrink bags are flexible packages composed of several layers that make different types of barriers to gases and steam.

Shrink Film

Shrink films are flexible polyolefin packages that are composed of several layers that provide different types of barriers to gases and steam.

Stand Up Pouch

Stand-Up Pouch is a type of 3 Seals Pouch. This flexible packaging is composed of many layers that create barriers to gases and steam, with the additional capacity of being a self-supporting container.

Vegetable Extract

100% natural (No GMO), made from US and Canadian extract vegetables. Good water absorption and retention. High expansion.