Collagen Casings

Collagen Casings

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Collagen is a protein, which occupies the largest portion of the fibre of the connective tissues of vertebrates. It is present in the skin, bones and tendons. Using applied technology, it has been possible to obtain edible casings of this product (collagen) that are widely used in the sausage industry.

Due to its quality, collagen is the best alternative to replace the commonly used natural gut.

The collagen casing is uniform and consistent material in thickness and diameter.

These casings can be used in any sausage production machine due to their exceptional mechanical properties.

Its texture allows it to be used in a wide variety of sausages that will be easily chewed leaving a good mouth feel and taste while being consumed.

There is a variety of collagen casings that can be used according to the type of sausage that is required to prepare (fresh or processed).

When the sausage is processed, some industrial operations are applied such as: cooking in electric or gas ovens, in hot water, steam, smoke, etc.


  • Cooked or smoked sausages
  • Taiwan – Crispy sausages
  • Bologna – Different dried sausages and salami
  • Ham – Weiner, Frankfurt y hot dog
  • Fresh sausages