Stand Up Pouch

Stand Up Pouch

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Stand-Up Pouch is a type of 3 Seals Pouch. This flexible packaging is composed of many layers that create barriers to gases and steam, with the additional capacity of being a self-supporting container. This means that it is usually higher than longer and stays upright (in a vertical position) on its own, without having to support it anywhere.

Its mains characteristics are high mechanical resistance, high brightness and transparency.

This material is used to pack food and non-food products.

We offer different shapes and sizes depending on customer’s needs. If it is required, the zipper or spout can be added to the pouch.

It is considered environmentally friendly because it does not contain chlorine.


Within the food products it is possible to pack in a pouch a large variety of fresh and processed products such as meat, mortadella, sausages, pork, chicken, turkey, cheese, fish, seafood, etc.

Within the non-food products, there is a wide variety of liquids, solids, powders, granulates and other products that can be packed in a pouch.