Deep Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine – Manual

Deep Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine – Manual

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  • Fully stainless-steel construction features maximum durability and convenient cleaning.
  • 10 programmable memories setting system, individual display provides easy reading and operating.
  • Highly efficient European vacuum pump.
  • Microcomputer control system is waterproof.
  • Deep vacuum chamber with big space allows stand-up product packaging. Equipped with castors with brake for easy moving.
  • Designed for big and stand-up packaging products.


  • Maintain food’s freshness and original flavour. Anti-spoiling.
  • Prolong product’s shelf-life.
  • Prevent electronic and hardware parts from oxidization.
  • Available for solid, powdery and liquid products.


  • Fresh meat, seafood, pickled vegetables, agricultural products, tea leaves, herbs, powder, spices, beanpaste and prepared foods, etc.
  • Electronic parts, hardware products, medical instruments, medicine, clothing or blankets, etc.


P-W002D Model P-W002D
Machine Dimension 550 x 570 x 821 mm
Chamber Dimension 470 x 425 x 260 mm
Sealing Length 450 mm x 2
Option Gas flushing



P-W006D Model P-W06D
Machine Dimension 920 x 650 x 1007 mm
Chamber Dimension 650 x 400 x 366 mm
Sealing Length 680 mm x 2/500 mm x 1
Option Gas flushing



P-W008D Model P-W008D
Machine Dimension 1240 x 750 x 1050 mm
Chamber Dimension 1170 x 630 x 280 mm
Sealing Length 1050 mm x 1/610 mm x 1
Option Gas flushing