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Packworld S.A. it is an ecuadorian company focused on the commercialization and input and machinery supply for packaging solutions in the food industry. Taking in consideration the preservation and sustainable development our products are eco friendly. The certifications required to commercialize the products are bound to the highest standards of quality assurance like HACCP, ISO 9001, Kosher Certification, etc.  

Supply with input of packaging solutions and machinery the market of food packging with the highest quality standards and service.

Satisfy the national market and position our company globally as suppliers of input and machinery in the food industry.

Our values serve as a guideline that defines our behavior and actions in the world.
Passion: Dedication with mind and heart.
Leadership: The courage to change and shape the upcoming future.
Integrity: Seriousness and responsibility.
Quality: Provide the best service.

Packworld S.A. was established in the city of Quito, Ecuador. From the year 1997 we have been present in the food industry; we have been recognized as experts of food vacuum packing especially in the Tuna industry.

After a vast trajectory of effort and dedication we are a pioneer company that transcends boundaries and provide other countries in the region.

During the early years of the company, new variety products have been increasing for markets such as tuna, meat, chicken, hams, sausages, stuffed meats, cheeses, grains, drinks, etc.

Our products are presented as an innovation in this food market segment having eco-friendly products. A competitive advantage that our product has is that in the composition of the packages chlorine is not used.

Our products meet the required regulations from different markets of exportation. We provide the service of full traceability and guarantee food safety.